Awaits One of Lincoln's Best

                                                       By Chris Kimball

    The month of February has been the month where all of Nick Zammarelli’s hard work in school and on the baseball field has finally paid off.  Unlike most kids in their junior year, Nick already knows where he could potentially be going to college in two years, and it can only get better as the time for college gets closer. The road to all of his success was not easy, It required a lot of heart and dedication to not only improve his game as a baseball player, but also keep up with his grades, and getting his name out so that he would be recognized for his tremendous ability to exceed in the game of baseball.

     In the spring of his freshman year, Nicholas Charles Zammarelli was a swing player for the Lincoln High School baseball team, but as the season progressed and he began to display his talent, Nick started to be utilized for his outstanding hitting ability at the varsity level. Although Zammarelli was playing in the outfield, which is not his primary position, he was getting the at bats he needed in order to get the varsity exposure as a freshman. Towards the end of the season Nick was given the opportunity to play the field in his strong spot, shortstop. Nick was not playing the entire game there, but the couple of innings here and there gave Nick a taste of what he would be looking forward to later on in his High School career.

     Nick Zammarelli’s sophomore year truly was the year that he was able to get his name out across the state and even to different colleges around the east coast.  Batting second in the lineup behind Captain Matt Sorkin, Zammarelli started off the first half of the season batting over .500, including a crucial homerun against Mt. St Charles to fuel a nine run comeback against the Mounties. As a Sophomore, Zammarelli also was elected to the HS Division I All-Star game, being one of few sophomores to start the game as well. Zammarelli also was awarded other accolades such as being voted on to first team all division, and second team all-state. After the High School season Zam visited many different showcases, such as the Perfect Game Tournament, where he was given the opportunity to show his talents in front of many different college scouts around the nation, and quite a few Major League scouts.

     After such a great two years of High School and showing off his talents at different showcases, Zam began to get many different offers from colleges asking him to make a verbal commitment to go and play for them. Going into the start of his Junior year Nick had already been offered six scholarships from different schools, each being Division 1 colleges. This wasn’t enough though, Zammarelli continued going to different showcases trying to accumulate the best offers as possible. It wasn’t until mid fall when Zam traveled down to a showcase tournament in Florida that he would catch the attention of a top 50 ranked team, Elon University. Elon is a small college located in Elon, North Carolina, that is known for their great baseball program. Elon believed that Nick had exactly what they wanted.

     after seeing his talents in Florida, shortly after they invited him for a school visit and hitting clinic where they would offer Zam a Scholarship to go play for them. After thinking about it himself, and with his parents and coaches, Nick was able to come to the conclusion that he would bring his talents down to south beach like Lebron...just kidding North Carolina. After he graduates in 2013, Nick Zammarelli will be a freshman at Elon University. “It was definitely a tough decision for me, but at the same time it was easy because each college that offered me something were all great academic schools. So it really came down to which school offered the best baseball program, and which school would benefit me the most as a baseball player. Elon has had twenty athletes drafted in the last three years, and the way they handle their program, is exactly what I am looking for in order to make my game better.”