Steve Donovan: A Class Act

                                          By Giovanni Gray

     Everybody knows the familiar smile of our own Steve Donovan, whether if it’s when he’s walking down the hallway, in his football pads, at track practice or doing one of his infamous Borat impressions.  What people sometimes don’t know about the LHS senior is that he is a dedicated guitarist; he spends a vast majority of his time playing the guitar, trying to better himself, fulfilling his passion for music.  Aside from those places a smiling Steve Donovan can be found, a more serious and inspired Donovan can be located in his room with his guitar plugged in, in his friend’s basements fretting away, and on his computer looking at tabs, and listening to the next song that he’s going to learn.  He isn’t the typical image of a guitarist, playing a crazy metal guitar with some ludicrous body design, mercilessly picking away at some Metallica style guitar solo.  Steve isn’t what someone would call a “shredder”.  He doesn’t play those sick solos that tend to melt people’s ears.  Although he is more than good enough to play that style, he chooses to take more melodic approaches to playing guitar, having a style similar to that of classic guitarists such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  Donovan also plays in the school’s jazz band, being one of Mr. Enos’ go to guys in the band and will be playing guitar and singing in this year’s Variety Show.  Not only that, he is also one of the music directors, and he shed some light on all of this in an exclusive interview.

     “I got my first guitar when I was two from my dad and my uncle.  I started taking lessons when I was nine,” Said a calm Donovan, who was taking a quick break from his busy life.  He was mentored in standard guitar theory, quickly getting more and more advanced as he learned.  Pretty soon he was starting to come into his own, finding the styles that best suited him.  “I play a lot of rock and roll, folk and blues.  My style itself is a blend of early rock and roll, rockabilly, folk and blues.  Early country music has influenced my playing in particular.”  Steve is a huge fan of one of the pioneers of rock, The Beatles, as well as legends the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, and as previously mentioned, Bruce Springsteen.  His choice of styles reflects in his choice of equipment, which include a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Telecaster.  These electric guitars are icons in the music industry, both of which being some of the most popular guitars since their births in 1954 and 1950, respectively.  Both guitars are well noted for their unique tone and use in classic rock and roll, the blues, some folk and, of course the original intent of the Stratocaster, country, which not so coincidentally, are Donovan’s favorite styles.  He’ll most likely be seen playing his Telecaster, his favorite of the two, at this year’s variety show.  Of course, as we all know, the guitar only contributes to looks and a specific sound that musicians can pick up on.  What’s really important is what Steve will be doing this year, and if we look at his past, we can be assured that his future is promising.

     “This year is my third year in Variety Show.  My third as a singer, second as a guitarist and my first as a director.   In the past you may have heard me sing Here it Goes Again, Movin’ Out, and I Saw Her Standing there.  I’ve played on numerous songs and also contributed background vocals.”  Given his past track record, he’ll be back and better than ever before this year, being one of the highlight acts of the music portion of the show.  This year he’ll be both singing and playing guitar, something that obviously isn’t uncommon to him.  As to what he’ll be playing, he never specified, but one can assume it will be some sort of feel good rock song that will get everyone in the audience tapping their feet no matter what era it’s from, and of course he’s one of the people that Variety Show attendees need to keep an eye out for.

      A humble Donovan won’t admit that he’s one of the main musical acts this year, and as a matter of fact, he is the type of person that would say that it takes every single act to make the show successful.  He knows that it takes every act, every director and the backstage crew to make the show run smoothly.  “I’d like to make sure that Mr. Schofield, Mr. Boudreau, and Mrs.  Krozsner get the credit they deserve.  My fellow directors as well keep me motivated and have been awesome throughout the course of the rehearsals.”  Steve Donovan is truly a class act on and off the stage at LHS.  He’s the type of person who works hard and envelops himself in a passion of his that could never be matched by anyone else.  He is a major contributor to this year’s Variety Show, and I personally can’t wait to see him perform.  I encourage every V Show attendee to pay special attention to a great guitarist, singer, and friend.