Joey Flanagan

     Few people personify the term “Good Folk” quite like Joseph Flanigan.  A junior at Lincoln High School, Joey is one of the kindest, most accepting individuals a person could ever know.  He never fails to put the needs of others above his own desires, and his selfless attitude is a reason why he is a close friend to many fellow LHS students.  He is always the first to help with a problem, or offer a ride.  Not only is he devoted to his friends, he is also a dedicated, hardworking student, currently enrolled in two advanced placement classes.  Besides, academics, Joey’s involvement in school and in community work is second to none.

     He plays for LHS’s boys volleyball team, and is a founding member of the Friends of Rachel club.  During the summer, he works as a counselor at Camp Ramsbottom, and has often stated that he loves his job, and likes working with younger children.  He has also volunteered at the Gloria Gemma Flames of Hope events for several years running, as his mother herself survived breast cancer.  For all of his work, Joey accepts no compensation, and he brushes off all compliments and accolades, with a chuckle and a simple, “Thanks.”

     Fellow LHS junior Ashley Devolve said something that seems to encapsulate what Joey Flanagan means to his friends, school, and community.  She said, “He’s just always been there for me and he’s worried about me in a time of need.  I can trust him with anything.”


-Henry Sales


                                                      Ethan Paul


        Junior Ethan Paul has many defining characteristics. Having taken on heavy responsibilities at a very  young age -- helping his mom and dad care for his four younger siblings – stating that Ethan is mature is an understatement. Being able to still maintain a normal life in school speaks volumes about Ethan.

     Kind and compassionate, Ethan is a good friend to everyone and constantly helps others using his considerable talents. A computer prodigy, Ethan often fixes technical errors and provides "tech support" for his friends and their families. This low cost and often-free service is a great deal of help to many people.

     Whether their computers are broken or they just need to talk, Ethan is always there for his friends and family.  He is deeply involved in backstage and tech work for both the Variety Show and the Drama Club. He’s honestly the unsung hero in many of LHS’s greatest productions, his  technological skill giving him the ability to operate the soundboard and lights.  

     Although Ethan is a great friend to many, and a great supplier of technical advice to even more, he seeks no recognition for his generous ways, which is why he is certainly a "good folk."  LHS junior Luke Heineman agrees:  “I’ve been out with pneumonia, and Ethan’s really gone out of his way to get me work and catch me up on everything that’s been going on. He’s a really great guy.”


-Andrew Lemos

                                                           Mr. Ruhle

                                       Coach Cav  

Sean Cavanaugh dedicates his fall and spring seasons to two things:  football and baseball.  Coach Cav (as players call him) puts his heart into the two sports he’s had a passion for ever since he was in high school, and he passes on that love for the game to the kids he coaches today.  In the football season, he coaches LHS’ defense, which is always a driving force behind the Lions success.  He combines the aggressiveness of football with the chess like aspect of it to get Bill Belichick like results.  In the baseball season, he shows a little more of a sense of humor than he does in football, but he maintains that same level of seriousness, and is one of the reasons that Lincoln is such a great baseball town.

    “He’s a really great guy and definitely works you hard in practices so you can succeed in the season.  He always knows what he’s talking about and he doesn’t make you do things unless there’s a purpose for it,” says Nick Zammarelli.  Day in and day out Sean Cavanaugh dedicates hours to coaching, sacrificing time with his family and work, all for the love of the game.  His supernatural virtues include patience, perseverance, and the willingness to be there for players.  He walks onto the field every year with two goals:  To win and to see improvement in the players he coaches.


-Giovanni Gray